• Företaget

    Vi arbetar både såväl med små företag som stora internationella varumärken.

    Våra tjänster och lösningar förbättrar direkt nyckelmätvärdena för våra kunders pågående digitala verksamhet. Digital marknadsföring är en föränderlig värld där trender och paradigmskiften sker regelbundet.
    Vårt jobb är att hjälpa våra kunder att förbättra sin e-handel, sitt varumärke och digitala marknadsföring genom att använda vår breda erfarenhet av digitala lösningar.

    Bland våra kunder finns ledande varumärken inom dagligvaruhandel, Video on Demand, spel, onlinepsle, politik, nyhetsmedia och sport.

    Våra tre nyckelområden av tjänster är:
    - Webbtjänster
    - Appar
    - Onlinespel

    • Jonas Eriksson

    • Backend
    • Presentation

      The person: Let other people write my bio.
      The ideology: To find the new Matrix.
      The tools: Google, keyboard, and too much coffee.
      The reason: Unquenchable technology appetite.
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    • Cristofer Dreimanis

    • Production Manager
    • Presentation

      The person: A hockey and music loving graphic artist
      The ideology: That you can kill two birds with one stone: 1) support yourself with your hobbies 2) solve the customer’s problems.
      The tools: A stimulating train of thought.
      The reason: I love form ;)
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    • Staffan Larsson

    • ProjectLead/Frontend
    • Presentation

      The person: Snowboarding and movie loving Uppsala native who moved back from "Norrland" a couple of years ago.
      The ideology: Continue to develop yourself and your skills and you will never be bored at what you do.
      The tools: The Mind, the Team and the Internet.
      The reason: To work hard and have fun doing it.
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    • Antoine Hedgecock

    • CTO
    • Presentation

      The person: Lead by example, not by the wip.
      The ideology: Simplicity and explicitness.
      The tools: Sleep deprivation and coffeine tablets.
      The reason: The beauty of proper software architecture. Because i can.
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    • Erik Sundqvist

    • Backend
    • Presentation

      The person: Laid back backend dev with a fairly long career that for the most time took place in AS3. If I'm not at my desk you'll probably find me either by stove at home or at an Uppsala based micro brewery I run together with my brother and a common friend.
      The ideology: Trying my best to avoid the worst levels of pretentiousness here but maybe "keep calm and carry on"?
      The tools: Doesn't matter. Nice chair and a 9gag-tab maybe?
      The reason: Probably a combo of being able to write code, a bit of OCD and that feeling of accomplishment when a block of code looks just right, rawr!
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    • Per Bohlin

    • Programmer
    • Presentation

      The person: A 40 year old computer-geek with broad and varied expertise.
      The ideology: I like helping people solve problems and making their lives easier by identifying what needs to be done and fixing it.
      The tools: Broad programming competence.
      The reason: If I can improve things then both the customer and I win.
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    • Bonny Trolle

    • Owner & Founder
    • Presentation

      The person: I’m an extremely positive Dane, who can irritate just about anybody, I’ve been told.
      The ideology: My goal is to show the world that we at Interactive Solutions are the best!
      The tools: I believe we can achieve anything with lots of sweat, blood and …Happiness!
      The reason: I love what we do.
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    • Björn Eklöf

    • Business Developer
    • Presentation

      The person: A person who like to push my own limits, before in a Muay Thai ring, now at the gym, and office.
      The ideology: If you want something enough you'll find a solution, otherwise you'll find an excuse -Nothing is impossible!
      The tools: My ability to use mental training to achieve my goals, and to look at the challenge with happiness.
      The reason: My goal is that our customers are not only satisfied, they are impressed what IS could do!
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    • Jonny Lundin

    • Programmer
    • Presentation

      The person: I am a problem solving mathematician full of creativity. "Nothing is impossible; we just have to figure out how to do it.”
      The ideology: Essentially I work to please myself, if someone else benefits from what I do…then so much the better.
      The tools: One BIT at a time, byte by byte, page by page.
      The reason: I am driven by the need to develop; you will always find a new way to solve a problem. That is my motto.
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    • Daniel Svedberg

    • Master of WordPress
    • Presentation

      The person: An easy-going and inquisitive guy who enjoys music, magazines and beer.
      The ideology: The focus should always be on the end results, not the technology.
      The tools: Google, Google, Google.
      The reason: For the reward of learning through challenges.
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    • Soheil Khagani

    • Game developer
    • Presentation

      The person: Love everything that has to do with graphics, music and ingestion of spaghetti.
      The ideology: To work with something I love while helping others at the same time.
      The tools: Inspiration, ideas, feeling for design and computers; everything you need to work in 3-D comes from the matrix.
      The reason: Make the world a little prettier.
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    • Jimmy Lindqvist

    • Programmer
    • Presentation

      The person: I am a creative GNU/Linux geek who is interested in movies and philosophy
      The ideology: A complex system is equivalent to trivial resolutions, plural, as seen when apprehending the inaugural programming language paradigms and semantic syntax.
      The tools: Keyboard. Preferably attached to a computer.
      The reason: It makes it easier to work.
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    • Emil Paulsson

    • CEO & Owner
    • Presentation

      The person: I love startups! Entrepreneur since birth, domainer at heart.
      The ideology: ”- When nothing is sure, everything is possible”
      The tools: Coffee, coffee and some more coffee.
      The reason: Because good thing come to those who wait. Great things come to those who don´t!
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