ESN is a software company founded 2004, located in Uppsala, Sweden. We are 20 experienced system developers, architects and designers. Since day one we've developed social web technology for leading online gaming and betting operators.

    By 2005 we decided to take on the challenge to remove the development complexity and barriers of real-time web applications, and since then we have been pioneers in developing the social real-time web.

    The general architecture of the Planet framework came together during 2007. And by 2008 we started to use Planet as a development platform for our in-house customer projects.

    Customers like PlayZeek and ahaBingo have already dramatically leveraged on the potential of social real-time services. They have dramatically improved their key metrics for customer acquisition cost, loyalty and average revenue per users compared to their competition.

    Our other ongoing projects, some for global gaming and entertainment operators, make us believe that Planet will power social real-time sites for over 3 million users within the next 12 months.

    We are also very excited about releasing Planet to other third-party developers and operators, which just like us, think that it’s time that the web comes alive!

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