Voddler is an online film service. We offer movies, TV-series and documentaries for you to watch online, legally, streamed directly to your internetconnected device.

    Free and rental movies
    The movies and TV-series we show come from the world’s leading entertainment companies. If you want to have an exact count of how many films we have, check the top left hand corner of this page.
    About 80% of all our films are free to watch. Yes, they don’t cost you anything. We still get revenues that we can share with the film makers and the content owners by showing a few minutes of advertising before the main film starts. Then there are all our rental movies. These are the films that you’d expect to find in your local video store – but at Voddler you don’t have to decide which one to rent until you sit down in front of your screen. Every now and then, we’ll also have premieres for new blockbuster movies that haven’t been shown anywhere else yet!

    The best films!
    We work with over 30 of the world’s leading content companies, both Hollywood majors as well as European main distributors and local Scandinavian film groups, to bring you even more movies every day.

    Get Voddler on your TV!
    We have learned that our most active “voddlerites” are the ones who have connected their computer to their TV-screen – they maximize their Voddler movie experience! Here are a few tips on how you can do that.
    Our unique technology enables us to offer your free films and HD-quality titles We stream our films to your screen and you never download the full film. In this way, we are very much like some other streaming or video-on-demand services you may have used. But we’re different from them when it comes to the technology we use: we stream via a unique decentralized solution that we have developed and patented ourselves. We call our solution VoddlerNet; it is a distribution network with decentralized resources but centralized control.
    This means that when you watch a movie on Voddler, the film doesn’t come streaming from our video servers. Instead it comes from the nearest other Voddler customers who have already seen the movie. It also means that when you have watched the film, parts of it stays on your computer for a little while, being redistributed to other Voddler customers.
    Our distribution solution – where you get your film from others and you share it onwards to others – both keeps costs down and makes it more efficient to stream to you. This is, for example, how we can afford to offer you free movies with just a few minutes of ads before. And why we don’t charge extra for our HD-quality films, like most other services do.

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