iPhone app

    iPhone app

    Shopping should be simple and easy. And on top of that, you should be able to come away with everything you need. That idea was the starting point for helping customers buy what they need and want while being able to find those items quickly and easily.

    Together with ICA Maxi, Interactive Solutions developed a shopping list for iPhones. The function includes a built-in shopping list that is linked to the items in the store of you are shopping in.Your shopping list can be listed in alphabetical order or by where it can be found in the store. Items can be searched for and shown on a map along with the item’s shelf number. Moreover, customers can directly contact personnel from each section via their iPhone.

    ”Essentially, you can call this project a huge success,” says David Jonson, Interactive Solutions, Business Manager for ICA Maxi. ”I like ideas that help people simplify their everyday life. There are an awful lot of us trying to fit everything into our daily schedules. As of today, there are over 20 000 people using this application and I believe the numbers will continue to grow.”

    Urban Malm, Owner, ICA Maxi Uppsala, says:
    ”Together with David and Interactive Solutions, we have developed something that shows that ICA Maxi enjoys using new technology to simplify our customers’ lives. Also, this application is free for anyone to use. Our goal is to ensure that every ICA Maxi customer receives the best shopping list possible.”