September 6, 2011

    Interactive Solutions develops Buy & Sell apps for smartphones.

    Questions and Answers:
    IS: What led you to decide to develop an application specifically for the Buy and Sell area??

    BLAPP: It is our vision! We live in a society where every second counts, and time has become the most valuable asset people have. As our society has become increasingly focused on consumption, the need to disperse consumer products has increased exponentially. Whether you're looking for the latest item in a specific technology or looking to free up capital, you'll want it do so in a timely and efficient manner. Often, sellers are unsure of a product's salability and shelve a product as being too expensive and complicated to sell with today's services.

    What we see as the common denominator is being able to buy and sell relevant products easily and quickly. That is what our application is about.

    IS: But aren't these services already available today?

    BLAPP: Certainly, there are some major well-established Buy and Sell services on the market today. Some of these services are already offering a Buy and Sell application that is linked to their website. What makes our services unique is that our app is designed exclusively for smartphones with all transactions being carried out directly on your cell phones. Of course, it will be possible to browse online ads, but this service is secondary! In other words, there are several services, but our greatest strength is our user friendliness and turnaround time for publishing an advertisement, this will make our application very hard to beat!

    IS: What more can you tell us?

    BLAPP: We can cite many examples, but let's assume that a seller cleans out their storage space and realizes that there are large redundancies of some items that are simply taking up a lot of space. Within three minutes that person can have photographed the items and registered the ad. Everything is done directly in the app without any need to check your email, etc. As mobile cell phone position can be determined, we know where the item(s) for sale is located. The seller is informed of all interest in the item directly via SMS. And in a best case scenario, the item(s) will be sold within a few minutes, perhaps even before the storage space is completely cleaned! When an item is sold, it can easily be removed via the app without having to sign in to any website or keep track of a bunch of codes.
    In the example above, the difference between traditional e-commerce and this new marketing method is obvious. Instead of taking a photograph, going to your computer, downloading the photo to your computer (with all that implies), registering the ad, and finally paying for the ad, the seller can calmly continue cleaning their storage space while sales are in progress.

    IS: What does it cost to use your app?

    BLAPP: The app is completely free to download. Its free to browse and publish advertisements. We charge a small fee for mediating communication between you and potential buyers, making it possible to publish any number of ads at any time without spending much, if anything! You can never lose by using our services and that is how we believe information on goods for sale should be communicated!

    Product Blapp shall be available both in the AppStore and AndroidMarket in December this year.