January 17, 2012 | Läs på engelska

    Online Christmas shopping broke all records for DIBS’ customers.

    The figures show strong development in the Nordic countries. When compared to last year, e-trade transactions in December increased by 27% while the total value of all transactions for the year increased by 18%.
    "Online Christmas shopping was very strong. In December, the number of transactions increased by 27%, from 7.7 million to 9.8 million and the total value of all transactions for the year increased by 18%, from 6.9 billion to 8.1 billion. Consumers all over the Nordic countries choose the Internet to take advantage of easier shopping and more alternatives", says Eric Wallin, CEO at DIBS, supplier of payment solutions for e-trade.

    ”We have noticed a strong demand for DIBS implementations from customers during 2011”, says Erik Lundin, Project Lead at Interactive Solutions. He continues, ”Our customers have rapidly increased their sales after we helped them connect to the DIBS payment gateway and made it easier for end customers to make secure online payments..”

    Bonny Trolle, Business Developer at Interactive Solutions; ”According to our statistics, over 15 000 Nordic e-stores are using DIBS to handle their billing transactions. Consumers appreciate the ease and time-savings they experience with handling online as well as the ability to compare and receive better prices without being limited by open hours.”
    Bonny goes on to say; ”Consumers are applying their traditional shopping behaviors to the online stores, with smaller purchases increasing fastest.”

    The DIBS E-commerce Index 2011 shows that both e-stores and online merchants expect continued good times.
    In the Nordic countries, Finnish consumers are the most positive and 89% plan to maintain or increase their online consumption during the coming year. The results are nearly the same for Sweden (86%), Denmark (82%) and Norway (79%).

    The Nordic e-stores share the consumers’ optimism.
    Approximately 72% of Nordic e-stores surveyed report expected increased sales during the coming year. E-stores in Sweden and Norway express the greatest expectations, with 72% in Sweden and 80% in Norway expecting increased sales; while comparable figures for Danish online merchants indicate 63%.