Social connectivity

    Social connectivity

    March 1, 2012

    When my boss asked me to write an article on Social connectivity for our company website.

    I gave him minimum amount of eye contact and looked at my computer screen several times during our conversation. The move I was trying to make was the infamous George Costanza move from the Seinfeld show. As you could imagine the tactic did not work very well and that is why your are reading this.

    As my thought process began to roll, I asked some of my friends for guidance and inspiration. The response I got from them was that they did not know anything about social media. I know that they are active Facebook and Twitter users, so how could this be?
    And then it struck me, social media or Social connectivity can be complicated to explain and understand. If you google the phrase Social Media, you will find 230 000 000 hits and Wikipedia’s explanation sheds no further light on the matter. Is this the reason why many companies pay a lot of money to a bunch of people with take-away mugs containing coffee drinks not even Italians can pronounce?

    “An advertising agency is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission.”
    - Fred Allen

    My explanation of the word social media is simple: “It is a site were the members or visitors interact and contribute with the majority of the content on the site”. It might be a simplification, but sometimes it is better to state something simply rather than unnecessarily complicating matters.

    In our everyday communication, social media plays a big role. It enables us to keep in touch with a large number of people and it makes sharing and communicating extremely easy. If I was more confident in my own writing, I would change the title of this article at this point but my gut feeling tells me that the world needs one more Google hit for the word “Social Media”. I could not pass on the opportunity of being the 230 000 001st hit on Google.

    What about social media for businesses?
    Our mission at Interactive Solutions is to make life easier for our clients. The biggest problem I see with social media today is lack of clear strategy. Almost every company has a Facebook page, but they don´t appeal to our emotions and they don´t initiate dialog.

    It´s important to understand why people like your company or your brand on social medias such as Facebook. We work together with our clients to figure out the benefits of establishing a more social profile. We have formulated a 7 step program with the following steps:

    1. Honesty
    The first step to becoming successful on social media is honesty, a big mistake is sugarcoating the truth.

    2. Questions
    Form a small team with the people that will be in charge of your marketing. Make a workshop, and be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Remember to try placing yourself in the shoes of a fan or follower.

    3. Answers
    If the right questions are asked, the right answers will come naturally.

    4. Goals
    What are your goals? Define primary goals with your team and choose your key metrics.

    5. Strategy
    Now you should know what you want, but how do you go about reaching your goals? Formulate a clear strategy that everybody can understand, even the people that are not in your marketing team.

    6. Evaluation
    Have meetings or be as transparent and open with your key metrics as possible, so all co-workers can see the progress you are doing on social media. In the beginning have meetings on a regular basis, and after 20 times it should have become a habit. If something is not working, it is important to find out as soon as possible, so you can make quick adjustments.

    7. Innovation
    You have to innovate and make it fun. Something that worked yesterday might not work tomorrow in the rapidly changing world of social media. Be different and be innovative.

    If you share our thoughts and would like to come in contact with us and our team, please give us a call or send us an email.

    /Tomaj Sangchi