April 19, 2012

    At Interactive Solutions we're continuing work on Voddler's website.

    Together with Uppsala-based ESN, we have the past couple of weeks been involved in updating Voddler's site and products. For our part, focus has been on site improvement.

    Bonny Trolle, Business Developer at Interactive Solutions, posed three questions to Ola Edin, our most active player on the Voddler project.
    " - Hi Ola, very pleased that you were able to make time for some questions about your involvement with Voddler."
    " - Of course I'm available for talking about such an exciting project!"

    What is Voddler?
    Voddler is an online film service. They offer movies, TV-series and documentaries for you to watch online, legally, streamed directly to your internet connected device.

    Can you tell us what the Voddler project is about?
    We're working on integrating with some of the largest mobile providers on the market. For one provider, customers should be able to stream movies directly through their mobile device. Another provider wants to be able to send invitations to watch movies to their customers' mobile devices.

    What are you working on?
    I'm working on the web interface; pixel pushing, front-end bits (html, css, js), as well as the registration flow for a particular mobile provider. It's very interesting to work on a specific product in such a large project with so many end users.
    I'm picking up new things constantly, which is very important for both me, as well as Interactive Solutions as a whole. In total, we are four to six people working on the project from different parts in Sweden, with most of the communication going through Skype.