Sports sites

    Sports sites

    May 8, 2012

    Interactive Solutions is registering a very clear trend when it comes to sports and games.

    Half of european online audience visit sports sites
    46 percent of Europeans visit Sports sites, with Turkey and Ireland having the highest penetration at approximately 70 percent in February 2012. It is comScore that released an overview of internet usage in Europe, showing that 386.6 million Europeans went online in February 2012 for an average of 28.2 hours per person. This release highlights internet usage in 49 European markets aggregated into the European region and provides individual reporting on 18 markets.

    "- Right now, we're registering a very clear trend when it comes to sports and games, most noticeably the combination of Live sporting events combined with accompanying Live betting services."
    Says Magnus Tauvon, CEO at Interactive Solutions
    "- There's a lot pointing towards this development continuing throughout 2012, and probably even 2013!"
    Says a very pleased CEO at Interactive Solutions.

    177.1 million internet users (45.8 percent reach) in Europe visited a Sports site in February, representing an increase of 15 percent in the past year. Sports sites reached 70.7 percent (16.4 million users) of the internet audience in Turkey, the highest penetration for the category across Europe.
    Globally, Turkey ranked a close second for penetration of Sports sites behind only the United States (70.9 percent). Ireland also proved to have keen sports fans with nearly 70 percent of the online audience accessing these sites, followed by Spain (65.9 percent) and the UK (64.3 percent).

    Top 10 European Markets for Sports Sites Ranked by Percent Reach. February 2012. Total European Audience, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations.

    Markets% ReachTotal unique visitors
    United Kingdom64.3%24,09

    A demographic analysis of the internet users visiting Sports sites revealed that an average male user spent 68.0 minutes consuming sports content compared to an average female user who spent 36.5 minutes during the month. Males accounted for 58.7 percent (104.0 million users) of all users accessing Sports sites while females accounted for 41.3 percent (73.1 million users). 25-34 year old men exhibited the heaviest engagement with an average of 82.4 minutes per user surfing sports sites during the month.
    Interestingly, amongst women, the most engaged age group were the 45-54 year olds who spent 40.8 minutes on the category on average in February 2012.

    Bonny Trolle, Business Developer at Interactive Solutions, closes with the following statement:
    "- We are working in an incredibly exciting business, and our team of developers and designers at Interactive Solutions are doing a standout job. I'd venture to say that we at Interactive Solutions are probably among the very best in the business when it comes to online betting and gaming."