June 27, 2012

    During July we will be less available than you are used to. At this time we stay busy with projects concerning our designated customers.

    Springtime at Interactive Solutions has been marvellous. We have brought in exciting new customers and projects exceeding our expectations (more will be revealed during the fall season.)
    As usual, we'll be closed for business during July due to summer holiday.

    Bonny Trolle - Business Developer @ Interactive Solutions was able to hold up some of the gang for a short chat.
    How will the cool dudes at IS be spending their summer vacations? And what do they think will be the hottest IT trends come fall 2012?

    Jonny Lundin - Programmer
    "- During the summer I'll play some games, chill and, of course, do a little programming"
    "- This fall we'll be seeing an increase in mobile web development."
     Soheil Khagani - Designer
    "- I'm going to Turkey this summer to bathe, lie in the sun and drink beer!"
    "- I think the new trend will be that mobile operating systems will start to lose ground and be replaced by "proper" operating systems, like for instance Windows 8"
    Erik Lundin - Project Lead
    "- I'm going to win the World Cup in Football Golf"
    "- HTML5 and web sockets will become bigger players this fall.
     Crippe Dreimanis - Designer
    "- I'll be sitting by my computer, non-stop!"
    "- We'll be employing more and more Responsive Web Design (RWD)!"
    Magnus Tauvon - CEO
    "- Vacation? I won't be taking much time off this summer I'm afraid. We simply have too many exciting new projects rolling in right now that needs following up."
    "- I think it'll be very interesting to see Microsoft's new Surface pad"
     David Jonson - Senior partner
    "- It'll be a short vacation this year filled with football and other adventures with the family."
    "- First, there will be higher requirements for suppliers when it comes to usability. More and more customers see the need to increase their accessibility, which in turn will boost the application market for mobile units. I also feel confident in saying that e-commerce will see continued growth."
    Ola Edin - Programmer
    "- I'm planning to travel to the West Coast - Smögen and the East Coast - Öregrund."
    "- We'll be seeing more and more portable devices. Mobile web will continue to grow."
     Micke Andersson - Programmer
    "- I'll be spending my vacation on mastering the Trombone."
    "- I'm honestly not sure what the major trends in IT will be this fall, but it's exciting to follow."
    Tomaj Sangchi - BD
    "- I'm going to sail and if the weather allows, I'll hopefully be doing a lot of barbecuing and football playing as well."
    "- Excited about the new Apple iPhone, and hopefully we'll be seeing good mobile payment solutions shortly."
     John Welle - Programmer
    "- Being Norwegian and all, I'm going a trip back to the old motherland to see family and friends."
    "- This fall we'll be seeing an increased variation in Internet platforms."

    You are welcome to contact us again in august concerning offers, creative talks and inspiring meetings, either your place or ours.
    Have a great summer!

    The crew Interactive Solutions