• Web Solutions

    Developing interactive and sustainable web solutions is our core business. We are always keeping up with the latest technology advancements to help our customers develop and improve their businesses through smart usage of new techniques.

    Developing interactive and sustainable web solutions is our core business. We are always keeping up with the latest technology advancements to help our customers develop and improve their businesses through smart usage of new techniques.

    Today’s web solutions are typically focused on user experience and interactivity, and communication between customer and company plays a major role. Another major concern is that a modern web service should be able to be compatible across multiple platforms and device types. Will my site look good on an iPhone? Will it work in Internet Explorer? We are experienced in creating cross-platform compatible solutions that will degrade gracefully (RWD) where needed.

    Our team of extremely talented graphical artists and programmers will ensure that the products we deliver is at the highest level both in terms of design and technology choices. We have the competence to offer everything from simple graphical profiles to complex end-2-end solutions.

    As our core instrument to accomplish this, we employ our user friendly, highly customizable and feature rich CMS Insect, which enables us to build cost-effective yet powerful solutions.

    • Tailor made solutions

      Our biggest strength is building custom-made solutions. Our entire way of working and philosophy is centered around identifying what you, the customer, actually need and make sure we deliver just that. Our modular thinking is built on a library of soft modules that are adapted to meet your requirements. Through utilizing existing modules, or modifying and writing new as needed, we’re not locked into outmoded ways of thinking and solving problems. In the end, it will give you a unique product, created to simplify and improve your business.

    • E-commerce

      The number of people shopping on the web is growing at a rapid pace. The days where just any webshop was sufficient is far past, and on today’s competitive web you need a top-of-the line store to stay competitive.

      Interactive Solutions specialize in building user-experience focused e-commerce solutions, with best of class web or smartphone frontends coupled to bespoke backends tailored to your specific business needs.

      We offer a wide range of e-commerce solutions. If you need ERP integration, graphical design for your product catalog, shopping cart development or even a complete plan for your e-commerce venture we can help you in a quick and cost-effective manner.

      More ways to pay in your shop allows your customers to use a payment method they are comfortable with. We have experience with payment solutions from PayPal, Klarna, Auriga ePayment and DIBS, among others.

      We can integrate your systems with a shipping/delivery provider to help you automate this part of the retail process. For example, in the Swedish market we offer integration with Pacsoft Online, the postal service’s system for labelling and shipping.

    • Social Connectivity

      We have worked extensively with social media integration using Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you want your users to comment on your pages, or you want to leverage viral marketing, or you just want to make it easy for your users to log in to your site.

      Todays websurfer does not want to maintain an user account for every site they visit, but they likely already have a Facebook account. We can build you a solution where the users can use their existing Facebook account to log in to your site. This makes it easy and convenient for the user while minimizing your user administration costs.

      How marketing works through Facebook

    • SEO

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and can be defined as the process of generating website traffic through increased visibility in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are myriad small factors that might affect a website’s ranking, and at Interactive Solutions we make sure that the websites we produce conform to the ideals of the major search engine ranking algorithms.

      Most important of all, is that the website provides good content in a sensible and structured way. We can help you refine and improve your business idea to make it shine, both in the eyes of the search engines and potential customers. The simple truth is that if the content is perceived as good and useful by your website’s visitors, search engines will often follow suit.

      Other important factors for good SEO is facilitating easy sharing of content (through social media for instance), providing website editors with engaging and easy ways to publish fresh content, and incorporating a strategy for which keywords to focus on. At Interactive Solutions, we can help you with all of this when setting up a website for you.

      It’s also important to have a sound underlying architecture of a website. At Interactive Solutions, we comply with the latest coding standards, giving the twin benefits of keeping the search engines happy as well as making websites easily maintainable and more responsive.

      Finally, a word about what we do not do. There are a lot of unserious actors in the field of SEO, offering shortcuts and “quick fixes” to improve a website’s ranking, often involving unethical methods to exploit search engine algorithms, such as keyword spamming, link farming, and so forth. Such tricks might work for a short while until the search engines catches up, but it’s pretty much like peeing your pants to stay warm. Most search engines penalizes websites heavily in their rankings if they are found to be attempting to use exploits to cheat the system, making the road to obscurity dangerously short. Which brings us back to the first and foremost factor of good SEO: Content Is King!

    • Frond End

      In software architecture, front end refers to end user interfaces and the technologies and standards used to craft them. Modern websites rely more and more heavily on sophisticated front end techniques to generate dynamic and interactive content. At Interactive Solutions we’re always striving to be on the cutting edge of technology. By employing modern javascript libraries, HTML5/CSS3, and advanced object oriented programming techniques, we can build incredibly dynamic applications, while providing gracefully degrading alternatives for bad browsers such as older versions of Internet Explorer.

      An emerging standard for designing cross-platform compatible websites, is Responsive Webdesign. By utilizing a set of techniques, we can scale and adapt content to work optimally on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers.

      Our team of incredibly skilled graphical artists will make sure that any website produced by Interactive Solutions will not only look good, but also help bring your content and business idea to the front by focusing on usability and smart design choices.

      For certain types of websites, gamification can bring it to new levels. Put shortly, gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts. For a website, introducing such techniques can manifest itself in the form of leaderboards and achievement ladders, avatar based profiles, community chats, and so forth. The benefits are potentially huge, as such elements on a site makes interacting with the content much more engaging, and can lead to a much higher customer loyalty, quicker support cycles, and viral spread.

    • Flash/ActionScript

      While we usually do not recommend Flash for new development, there are still niche areas where Flash may be the best fit for your needs. Or you may have an existing Flash solution that needs extended functionality or maintenance.

      We have worked with several large Flash projects, mostly in the area of online gaming. Our specialty are high-quality object-oriented AS3 development, and we have experience with a range of frameworks like PureMVC or RobotLegs. On the UI side, we can work with Flex, Flash Professional, or pure AS3 components.

    • CMS/Insect

      Every module we create can be managed with our Insect CMS. A basic Insect installation can do common management tasks on the module data. In many cases this will be sufficient, but sometimes there are special tasks that the module needs to be able to handle.

      For example, your basic order module will let you view and change the details of a customers order, but you might need functionality beyond that. You might want to automatically generate a PDF invoice, or you might want to just press a button to send the order, in XML format, to your stock management system.

      Because we control every aspect of the CMS we can customize every module to handle the tasks you need to do, in the way you want to do them. We can also integrate the CMS with any other systems your business uses.